Who am I?

Hello everybody!!!

My name is Chris Sheppert and I’m born in Munich in 2001.

I started with djaying at the age of 14 and played my first gigs at the age of 15. 

My dream is to become a great DJ and Music Producer and this is what I work very hard everyday for. Music was a part of my life since my first day on the world. I played the drums since I was ten years old and so I have the rhythm in my blood. 

Since my 15th birthday, I create and produce music with different SW programs and partners – own songs as well as remixes and mashups of well known songs.

Currently I am working for two clubs and for one event company as a live DJ.
In addition I create and upload one Mix on Mixcloud weekly, which you can also find on my homepage. 

If you have any questions about me and my references, please contact me via email or any social media platform.

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